Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hey, I just took a couple of online quizzes. I thought I'd share them with everyone

You are mRNA. You're brilliant, full of important,
interesting information and you're a great
friend to the people you care about. You may
have sides to you that no one understands. But
while you understand more than most people,
you're only half-there most of the time.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
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In the StarTrek universe:

You would serve in starfleet as a Captain. You have a command position.
You may have started your career in Starfleet by working in
engineering. Any of the following positions could be available on a

Propulsion Engineer
System Mainenance Technician
Impulse Engineering Specialist
Chief of Impulse Propulsion Systems
Warp Core Supervisor
System Diagnostic Engineer
Duty Engineer
Damage Control

Technology tells us how far we can go in the universe. It tells us who
we can talk to, who to help, who to teach, and who we can learn from.
Engineers are always willing to experiment with new ways to increase
the efficiency of the systems they work with. The only thing worse than
a failed experiment is a failure to learn from it.

From: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Station/2931/q-index.html

Last one, for now

Profesor Frink. You are smart, I mean really
smart. You smarts come in handy in your
circle. Maybe they mooch of your creativity.
They may even think of you as GEEKY.

What Simpsons Character Are You
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