Thursday, February 03, 2005

Consider if you will the 3-dimensional universe in which we live. It is a world existing of matter and anti-matter. However, there must be a substance which holds such things together, one which unifies it and, at the same time, keeps it from collapsing. We will call this substance Ether.

Ether must be a type of energy, but what kind? If you consider the ramifications, then this Ether must be an all encompassing energy. Ether, therefore, is the some total of all of the energy within the universe.

If Ether is not made of matter, then it has no mass. If it has no mass, than it cannot be measured as matter would. It can only be measured in quantity and quality, unlike mass which is measured in mass and size. If Ether has no mass or size, then we can conclude that all Ether is connected in some way. This contradicts the thought that energy can be isolated by matter.

If all Ether is connected, than it would stand to reason that all energy is connected in a similar fashion. In a multi-dimensional universe, we could represent this as an alternate "plane" or reality. We would call this the Etheric Plane.

The Etheric Plane would be a realm consisting of no matter. In that respect, it would be consisting of only Ether and energy. In this plane, there would be neither mass nor size, therefore the distance between two points in the Etheric Plane would be both infinite and non-existnant.

The distance between points in the Etheric Plane would make it ideal for travel across distances. The dificulty in this is that matter, while conductive to Ether in our "Material Plane" would be a disturbance within the Etheric Plane. Therefore, special precautions must be made before traveling into the Etheric Plane.

One method of Etheric travel would be by way of the so-called Astral Projection. This method is simply the creation of an "Astral Self"; a copy of oneself that is essensialy made of Etheric energy. This Astral body is not restricted to the Material Plane and can enter the Astral Plane and quite possibly the Etheric Plane. This form is not made of matter and would therefore not cause harm to the Etheric Plane. Astral Projection is, however, a dificult task to achieve and cannot transport the body, even if mastered.

A second method of Theoretical travel is possible. This method involves preparing the Etheric Plane for mater transportation. Thought is a type of Etheric energy. The highly focused mind could quite conseavably bend the Etheric Plane to it's own perceptions. By doing so, one could cause the Ether to take size and shape. This would minimize the damages to the Ether and to the matter entering. In essence, one could create a pocket within the Etheric plane that would take the representation of a coridor or such that would have a pair of doors between two points. You could then travel from one door to the other without coming into contact with pure Ether.

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